The guys that embarked on this wild ride, sadly, didn’t meet in the lift line or on a bike.

They met in the never-ending fun of a commodity trading office, but took their fast friendship outdoors as soon as possible.

In addition to their mutual love of physical activities, fitness, and family, they discovered that they were also both allergic to fermented alcoholic drinks. That’s apparently industry-speak for beer and wine.

What are the odds, right?

They like to get up early and do physical stuff and then unwind afterwards, but can’t drink like college kids anymore. The duo just wanted something with a little less alcohol that didn’t make them feel like crap… allergies or not.

Replacing beer with flavored vodka and soda became the go-to, but mixed drinks with tired arms and having to bring the bar with them was a steep hill to climb. Hard seltzers were passable, but almost all of them have lame flavors, funky aftertastes, and are combinations of chemicals and malt liquor.

They couldn’t find the right thing, so they decided to just make something that reflected and respected their lifestyles, was refreshing, and also tasted great.

Piece of cake, right? Or so they thought.

After tasting hundreds of recipes and flavor combinations (not all at once!) they finally settled on three core flavors, and VAQIT was born.

Their philosophy and the VAQIT lifestyle remain simple:

Grab some friends,
get outside,
and bring some VAQIT.
We’ll meet you there.

We’ll meet you there. We’ll meet you there.

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